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Survey setup & Avoca UAV


GWP offers a comprehensive in-house surveying capability fully integrated with projects in site investigation, planning and design, using GPS, robotic, targetless and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) surveying equipment. All surveys are processed using three-dimensional data in McCarthy-Taylor’s Land Survey System (LSS). GWP has many years of experience in producing three-dimensional Digital Terrain Models (DTMs).

Our skill areas include:

  • topographic surveying and setting out;
  • UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drone surveys;
  • surveying geological and geotechnical features;
  • setting out and surveying for engineered landfill cells;
  • computation of volumes (including placed waste).


Survey Services

  • Topographical surveying and setting out of quarry excavations, plant, tips and lagoons, stockpiles, borehole and piezometer locations and restoration levels.
  • Setting out and surveying for engineered clay liners and caps in landfill cells and producing Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) drawings.
  • UAV drones are used for large scale topographic surveys including quarries and earthworks. GWP have also used UAV surveys for deformation monitoring of unsafe, inaccessible, obscurred quarry faces or landslides. UAV surveys enable the production of Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Digital Surface Models (DSM) with removal of vegetation and are ideally suited for visual impact assessments, volumetrics of large scale earthmoving projects and catchment modelling or characterisation for hydrological studies.
  • Surveying geological and geotechnical features such as faults, bedding planes, discontinuities, joint inclinations, weathering surfaces, and rock block sizes, base of overburden where exposed in quarry faces to assist in geotechnical analyses.
  • Computation of volumes of mineral, overburden, total excavation, tips & stockpiles, placed waste volumes and available void space with modelled pre-settlement waste levels in landfill cells.

Survey Management

The benefits of survey management.

  • A single point of contact for the procurement of surveying services using a pool of contractors meeting our high standards.
  • Standardisation of survey models, drawings and presentation styles to avoid inconsistencies.
  • A customised database system for maintaining a central record of all surveys and survey products for any site. Accurate record keeping prevents unnecessary repeat surveys and allows any survey model, drawing or file to be instantly accessed.
  • Three-dimensional models, visualisations and plans of high data integrity with all topographical features defined. A single up-dated model is maintained for each site.

Capability Statements

To download our Capability Statements please refer to the Downloads page.

If you would like Project Description Sheets which give examples of our work or further information regarding GWP’s experience, please do not hesitate to contact us.