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Quarry design

Quarry and opencast mine design

GWP is one of the few UK consultancies with in-depth experience in the design of large quarries and opencast mines, and of development schemes involving significant earthworks. Our designs are acknowledged by Clients, Mineral Planning Authorities, the Planning Inspectorate and by Central Government as being of a very high standard in both practical and environmental terms.

The primary context of our design activities is the preparation of supporting information for planning or licence applications and their associated environmental impact and risk assessments. We also create operational or remedial works designs. Following approval, GWP regularly provides supervisory staff at the implementation or operational stage of its landfill or excavation designs.

  • Preparation of supporting information for planning or licence applications.
  • Design and supervision of site investigations.
  • Compilation of geotechnical, hydrogeological and flood risk assessments.
  • Volumetric calculations of potential resources.
  • Regulation 32 Hazard Appraisals and Regulation 33 Geotechnical Assessment throughout the operating period.
  • Landfill design, permitting and CQA supervision during construction.


Quarry design

Our quarry designs show, in detail, how a mineral operation or earthworks scheme will develop from start to finish. The working layouts, restoration landforms and working methods proposed take account of all relevant production, geotechnical, safety and environmental targets and constraints. Particular attention is paid to the accommodation of waste in temporary storage, progressive restoration or final restoration. They demonstrate to regulatory authorities, our clients and the public that operations can be implemented economically, safely and with a minimum of impact on the environment.

GWP are able to provide our Clients with designs of:

  • excavations, stockpiles, tips (solid and liquid), temporary storage bunds, earth embankment dams;
  • phasing through the lifetime of the operation; and
  • restoration landforms.

GWP's designs take into consideration all relevant production, geotechnical, safety and environmental targets and economic constraints.

Quarry after-use

GWP have experience in producing quarry restoration designs for a range of after uses including:

•    recreation;
•    wildlife and habitat creation and enhancement;
•    built development;
•    return to original land use (eg farming).

The objective of GWP Designs are to provide secure and safe slopes and landforms appropriate for the intended end-use that are sympathetic and compatible with the surrounding landscape and maximise environmental value.

We have a well-developed network of other specialists including landscape architects, ecologists and planning consultants with whom we collaborate on a regular basis to deliver a complete service to our Clients.

Landfill services

GWP has considerable knowledge and experience relating to landfill design, specification and construction.

Our expertise in related disciplines, such as geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology and hydrology, ensures that designs are stable, safe and satisfy the demands of increasingly stringent environmental legislation in the UK, continental Europe and elsewhere in the world.

We offer a full construction design and supervision service to landfill operators. This includes surveying and the related accurate verification of waste, liner and cap levels and thickness as well as the provision of experienced Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) Monitors and Engineers.

GWP has experienced CQA engineers who ensure a direct line of communication between client, contractor, consultants and surveyors. Our engineers monitor and oversee the construction process of all types of landfill cells, drainage systems and earth embankment dams.

  • Advice and assistance with obtaining the correct permit/licence.
  • Fully integrated designs and CQA plans.
  • Experienced CQA engineers to monitor and oversee the construction phases.
  • Sampling, testing and reporting to the UK Environment Agency or relevant statutory organisation.

Capability Statements

To download our Capability Statements please refer to the Downloads page.

If you would like Project Description Sheets which give examples of our work or further information regarding GWP’s experience, please do not hesitate to contact us.