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Land and Houseowners

GWP offer a range of services for landowners and houseowners depending on their requirement.

Services include:

  • flood risk assessments and mapping including groundwater flooding;
  • ground and surface water assessments and monitoring;
  • ground/Slope stability
  • design of surface and ground water flood mitigation measures;
  • assessment and design of mitigation measures for mining or solution void related subsidence;
  • topographic surveying;
  • dispute resolution through mediation; and
  • expert advice in our specialist fields.


Ground water flooding

GWP Consultants provides solutions for all aspects of
groundwater flood risk management. This experience
ranges from single dwelling basement problems, to
commercial sized infrastructure developments, to regional
scale aquifer and river basin groundwater numerical
modelling approaches enabling the magnitude and
location of future groundwater flooding to be predicted.

This work is undertaken by our team of hydrogeologists,
geologists and hydrologists, backed up by experienced
surveyors, GIS specialists and geotechnical engineers.

We can undertake all aspects of groundwater flood risk
management including:

  • desk study;
  • site investigation;
  • assessments;
  • predictive numerical modelling, and
  • design and construction supervision of appropriate flood
    mitigation structures.

Our multidisciplinary approach ensures that we can deliver projects from inception to completion.

Mining and void related subsidence

GWP has a well established reputation for its understanding of the effects of both abandoned and active underground excavations on surface structures and mineral workings. Much of this experience is pertinent to built development and advice is regularly sought by developers, local and national government as well as by mining and quarry companies.

A wide range of mineral types and methods of underground working have been investigated, and the firm has developed its own in-house computer programs to assess subsidence, strains and tilts.

Services provided include:

  • research of mining and geological records;
  • site investigation of workings and mine entrances by drilling, geologging and other techniques;
  • computation of subsidence strains and tilts including numerical analysis of related ground movements and fissuring;
  • subsidence prediction and back analysis of slope failures and design of remedial measures;
  • advice on subsurface control measures including grouting and backfilling;
  • assessment of impacts on surface mineral workings;
  • advice on subsidence avoidance or control.

Capability Statements

To download our Capability Statements please refer to the Downloads page.

If you would like Project Description Sheets which give examples of our work or further information regarding GWP’s experience, please do not hesitate to contact us.