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Groundwater Flood Risk Management

GWP Consultants provides solutions for all aspects of groundwater flood risk management. Our 40 years of experience includes assessing, predicting, preventing and mitigating groundwater flood risks to individual household basement and garage problems, commercial sized infrastructure developments, municipal scale areas and even regional scale aquifer and river basins.

The sustained wet weather for 3 months over the winter period of 2013/2014 has resulted in wide scale flooding, and in particular an usually high risk of groundwater flooding in low-lying Chalk areas, on river gravel plains and in limestone valleys. Unlike surface water flooding, groundwater flooding usually involves much smaller flows of water, but these can be sustained for weeks or even months, rather than the more typical days of surface water inundation, and thus require very different approaches to assessing the cause of the flooding and in solution and mitigation design.

This work is undertaken by our team of fully qualified hydrogeologists, geologists and hydrologists, supported by in-house surveyors, GIS specialists and geotechnical engineers.

We can undertake all aspects of groundwater flood risk management, from desk study and site investigation assessments, to predictive numerical modelling, and design and construction supervision of appropriate flood mitigation structures. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures that we can deliver projects from inception to completion.

Related expertise

  •     Desk studies and scoping studies.
  •     Groundwater flooding site investigations.
  •     Groundwater monitoring.
  •     Local and regional groundwater flooding numerical modelling.
  •     Groundwater flooding frequency, location and elevation prediction.
  •     Groundwater flood risk mapping.
  •     Design of basement tanking solutions.
  •     Design of groundwater level lowering, drainage and pumping measures.
  •     Design of groundwater flow interception and cut-off structures.
  •     Material and construction method specification.
  •     Tender document preparation and evaluation.
  •     Construction supervision and certification.


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