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Services for Developers

GWP offers a range of expertise which are often called upon when Clients are wanting to re-develop old quarries, mineral sites or other large scale previously worked areas.  GWP can support Clients with a wide range of services from topographic surveying, site investigation, groundwater monitoring and flood risk assessment through to the design and Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) supervision of the earthworks required for the re-development, utilising our geotechnical, hydrological, hydrogeological and design expertise.

GWP are also frequently called upon to co-ordinate and undertake long term environmental monitoring schemes for these sites, analysing and reporting on gas levels, groundwater levels and quality, surface water flow and quality and ground vibration and co-ordinating noise monitoring programmes.

In addition to the provision of these technical services, GWP can support Clients at a strategic and corporate level in determining the scope and options for site redevelopment and GWP ’s survey department and drawing office are often involved in preparing high quality surveys, drawings and presentation material, such as 3D fly-through images of the proposed works, for submission to planning authorities or for public review.

By the nature of large scale projects a multi-disciplinary approach is normally required and GWP is very experienced and able to lead or work within a team to support the development scheme.

Although not the focus of much of GWP’s normal workload, we are also frequently called upon to apply various aspects of our expertise to smaller scale residential construction and development projects.


Quarry after use or site development

  • Focussed site investigation works to determine the relevant geological, geotechnical and hydrogeological parameters.
  • Surveying of various sites including horse racing gallops and outfield areas, nature reserves for redevelopment, surveying due to concern over subsidence, surveying of water channels and water features in relation to flood risk assessment and mitigation.
  • Design, cut and fill volumetric balance and specification of fill platforms, access roads, cuttings, slopes and water bodies within quarry voids, on which the construction project will be sited.
  • High quality and sympathetic landform replication design for a restoration project of mineral workings to a more natural state.
  • Slope stability assessment, rockfall risk assessment, the design of rockfall containment measures and the design of restoration blasting for hard rock slopes.
  • Provision of CQA engineers to oversee the construction of earthworks projects including retaining slopes and dams.

Residential development

  • Basement or garden flooding investigation and mitigation; Assessment of slope or boundary wall stability.
  • Assessment of structural cracking in properties (related to clay heave) and recommendation of remedial actions.
  • Landslip assessment and investigation and design and construction supervision of remedial earthworks.
  • Rehabilitation of private well supplies.
  • Investigation, design and supervision for private water supply wells.
  • Phase 1 Contamination Risk Assessment for proposed developments.
  • Assessment of the potential for commercially exploitable mineral and the impact of development on mineral resources in areas identified as Mineral Consultation Areas or Mineral Safeguarding Areas.


Capability Statements

To download our Capability Statements please refer to the Downloads page.

If you would like Project Description Sheets which give examples of our work or further information regarding GWP’s experience, please do not hesitate to contact us.