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GWP has worked extensively over many years both in the UK and overseas on a range of projects relating to cement and lime, and has considerable experience in the industrial and bulk minerals industries.

GWP has provided due diligence support to international cement and lime clients in connection with acquisitions in continental Europe, India, the Caribbean and Ethiopia. We have also assisted UK cement producers to secure planning permissions for major quarry extensions. The scope of these works have included geotechnical, geological (reserve and quality), hydrogeological, quarry restoration and after-use design, and economic evaluation inputs.


Mineral deposit evaluation for cement

The quality and quantity of raw materials available are fundamental considerations in justifying capital investment in a cement plant.

GWP is very experienced in geological and geochemical evaluation of raw materials deposits, including:

  • exploration for suitable deposits;
  • design, implementation and supervision of drilling and sampling programmes;
  • geological and geochemical modelling;
  • estimation of reserves and resources;
  • quality and quantity release scheduling and design of homogenising facilities/raw material sampling programmes;
  • market evaluation; and
  • preparation of ‘bankable’ due diligence and feasibility study reports.

Through the operational lifetime GWP can assist with:

  • equipment selection and mine optimisation;
  • quarry design and geotechnical assessment;
  • environmental impact assessment and monitoring (especially water and blasting); and
  • raw material quality programming.

Recent projects include:

UK and Ireland

GWP has worked with major cement producers in the UK and Ireland.  Recent projects include:

  • raw material characterisation and quarry design for a major new cement plant;
  • re-evaluation of UK resources for a major international cement producer; and
  • design of major extensions as part of planning applications to extend reserve life.

GWP have provided operation support in relation to:

  • the safe disposal of CKD;
  • optimum working layouts;
  • costs and benefits of ripping vs blasting;
  • geotechnical assessments and training;
  • hydrological impacts of quarrying; and
  • detailed surveying and reserve audits.


Design and management of hydrogeological investigations in a sub-artesian, semi-karstic, multi-aquifer limestone sequence at two major operating sites with the objective of assessing the feasibility and cost of de-watering to release 150Mt of limestone resource for a capital investment project for new kiln lines.



Design and management of drilling and sampling programme for cement raw materials at a greenfield site followed by geological and geochemical modelling, reserve evaluation and conceptual working scheme.


Libya - Benghazi

  • Design of the quarry layout accommodating modern, efficient and safe working methods while meeting limestone and clay requirements at the plant before and after expansion.
  • Assessment of the quality and quantity of remaining clay in the quarry and devising working methods to ensure its efficient working and use.
  • Design of a waste cell for the conatinment and isolation of future CKD.


Creation of a range of alternative quarry designs at a cement raw materials quarry in Croatia. Selection of a new mine plan was based on the need to moderate the short, medium and long term environmental footprint of the operation and achieve a compromise between permitted, economically viable reserves and local spatial plans which seek to restrict the mining area.

Option selection was driven by three interrelated objectives:

  • the need to secure sufficient reserves for the continued operation of the two cement works served by the quarries for a minimum target period;
  • the need to moderate the short, medium and long-term environmental footprint of the operation. Key issues were visual and landscape impact, limiting blast vibrations and dust nuisance, and delivery of a final restoration landform suitable for a beneficial after-use;
  • the need to respect a community desire to increase stand-offs from residential property and sensitive structures and locations.

Provided all raw materials related inputs to a pre-feasibility and feasibility study for a major cement works expansion project at Mugher (for Mugher Cement Enterprises), including:

  • review of local regional exploration mapping and site selection for limestone, clay, sandstone, gypsum and pumice quarries;
  • specification of site investigation in all deposits and specification of standards required;
  • analysis and modelling of geological and geochemical data from the drilling programmes;
  • reporting on the reserves;
  • environmental audit, focusing on water and dust;
  • design of the mineral operations including detailed quarry layouts.



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